multihead weigher calibration



How to get a precision weight of multihead weigher if not good as first using ?


Usually there are  two reason caused this problem

1. Mechanical failure

2. Touch screen’s parameter adjustment or the failure of the circuit


Step 1:  Enter the manual test page of multihead weigher, and test the weigh hopper one by one to check whether the weigh hopper can open and close the door normally, and notice the sound of opening and closing door is normal or not.

Step 2:  Set Zero on the main page, and choose all hoppers, let the weigh hopper run three times continually, then come to the Read load Cell Page, observe which hopper can’t return to zero.

If some hopper can’t return to zero, which means this hopper’s installation is abnormal, or the load cell is broken, or the modular is broken;meanwhile,observe whether there is a large number of communication errors in the module of the monitoring page If some hopper’s door opening or closing is abnormal,it needs to check whether the weigh hopper’s installation is not correct.; If yes, install it again.

Step 3: If all hopper can open and close the door correctly, the next step is to take down all the weigh hopper to see whether there are material on the weigh hopper’s hanging spare parts.

Step 4:  ensure no material clutter on each weigh hopper’s spare parts, then make the calibration of all weigh hopper as video operation

multihead weigher calibration

multihead weigher calibration is for precision adjustment after the weigher starts to work or after works some time,the precision is not so good as first.





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