4-side sealing granule packing machine

4-side Sealing Granule Packing Machine UMEO-420Z

Automatic 4-side sealing granule packing machine is a new design machine with reciprocating pulling film stable structure which is most welcome in package developing;The packaging line with a vacuum feeding conveyor to make the whole package production is sealed and clean ; the volume cup filling for free flowing powders and granules; e.g. nuts snacks,salts,beans,aginomoto,detergent powder, etcs;the machine operates on the principle of volumetric proportioning of the material with help of specially designed telescopic cups.Main machine hopper is loaded with the free flowing material to be packed.As the machines operates,product is filled in the telescopic cups due to gravitation force;Cups are designed as per the bulk density of the product to be packed to give the desired weight output.UMEO special design to ensure there is no wastage of product and the cups are filled equally.Weight variation can be adjusted to make sure each set volume cup can pack different weight within a range.


i .  Vertical Packing Machine UMEO-420

This is a UMEO creative stable reciprocating pulling film structure for big four side sealing pouch package and the film feeding design is different from common machine to reduce the whole machinery space; Teflon sealer rod can reduce the film sticking on the sealer and increase the whole packing speed.                                                                                                                                                                             

ii.  Sealed Volume Cup 

Reasonable design with sealed grass door to make sure each cup free flowing is equal to make sure the same weight and without contaminative during filling;also each working process is visible by the operator.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               

iii.  Finished Product Conveyor UMEO-S13

It is for finished pouch conveying to some places,such as a box,a container etc;sometimes,it can connect with turntable ,check weigher,metal detector etc.


volume cup machine.JPG

UMEO always pays more attention to the machine every part to make sure every client get get the best quality packaging machinery to increase your package capacity.

machine details.jpg

Item No.


Bag Length


Bag Length


Film Width

420mm (Max.)

Packing Speed

35-60 bag /min

Gas Consumption


Air Pressure



220V AC 50HZ/60HZ,Single phase,6.5kw

Package Material

Aluminium film,OPP/CPP,OPP/PE,PET/PE,PE/PE etc

Total Cubic Meter

6.853 CBM

Gross Weight

785 kg



Automatic four side sealing granule packing machine is suitable for kinds of snacks package,such as seeds,beans,rice,sugar,aginomoto,powder etc.


Aluminium or complex plastic film can be worked by this snacks packaging machinery and joint bag,punching pouch are available too.

side sealing bag.JPG

UMEO always pay more attention for packing machine every part,including the shipping package,with reinforced non-fumigation plywood box.


UMEO-420Z with vacuum feeding conveyor packing machine is an new package solutions which can pack many different small granule foods packaging except referred foods; comparing the multihead weigher packaging solution,the volume cup weighing is not so precise as weigher,the more uniform of your product, the more precise of the weighing result;before each products package,you need to test the weight first by the adjustable measuring cup and the sensor controller.What's more,the vertical packer that you don't need to install any which you can operate it once connect with power enough.

Q: What kinds of product does you company have ?

A:  UMEO has different machines,including vertical and flow packing machine;meanwhile,vertical packaging machinery mainly for granule package machine,liquid or sauce pack machine and powder packaging solution;


Q:  What is product your packing machine can pack? 

A:  Our packing machine mainly pack Granule ( bean,rice,candy,hardware etc.); Liquid ( water,shampoo,jelly,soup etc) ; Powder ( flour,milk powder,coffee powder,detergent powder etc) and necessity or bread,vegetables,etc molding products by flow packing machinery.


Q: What is bag shape your packing machine can make ? 

A: Usually back sealing bag ( pillow bag ),three-side sealing bag,four-side sealing bag,qual seal bag,gusset bag,triangle bag,linking bag etc. 


Q: I know little about the packing machine before,How to use it ? Is it complex ?

 A: It is very simple we make sure you can use it easily as per our advice. As you can get any information that can help you to install and use the packing machine,such as a detailed instruction,a whole set design,a installation video,even our technician. 


Q: How about your packing machine quality ? any certification you have ?

A: We have a strict Quality Control system which is from Design Dept.-Purchasing Dept.-Product Dept.-Quality Dept.-Packing Dept. ; eighty percent have over 8 year experience,and the left twenty percent has 5 year experience; Meanwhile our packing machine has International Standard CE certification which has passed the most important standard of MD and LVD at the same time. 


Q: How to choose the suitable packing machine for my product ? 

A: You just need to tell us about your packing product details,packing request that we will provide a reasonable advice and the D Graph for you; even we can provide some choices for you to get a best one. 


Q: What is the process to order the packing machine ?

A: First: we will provide the most suitable and reasonable packing machine for you as per your request and offer you a best quotation; Second:we will arrange the production once get your confirmation and the payment advice;About 10-30 days later we will take the finished pictures and working video for you;meanwhile our Department of Quality Assurance will inspect it till make sure every part is no problem completely; then we pack and ship it,but usually you need to arrange the balance payment before shipment; Third: we deal with the Customs Clearance and provide the shipment document for Customs and you; After some time that you can get packing machine well. 


Q: What is the after-sales and guarantee ? 

A: First: we will assist you to install the packing machine and make sure it can work smoothly; Second: we will provide one year of maintenance and warranty period free of charge. The buyer will carry out the maintenance tasks and we will supply and ship the replacement for defective parts to the buyer free of charge, except the damage is caused by buyer




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