height limit packaging machinery

Height Limit Combination Packaging Machinery UMEO-420D 

The automatic celling height limit combination packaging solution is suitable for limited height space,but must go with multihead weigher packing machine; this is will be the best solution which twice feeding system,and the second feeder can be changed into Z type material elevator accordingly with same function; the dimple multihead weigher is for not good liquidity products packages.           

 The whole packaging machine is a double feeding package solutions which includes 6 parts 

1. Vertical Packer UMEO-420

Its main function for forming different size bag by different bag former,printing date or logo or bar code etc and sealing bag.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 

2.  Dimple 10-Head Weigher UMEO-D10 

The dimple multihead weigher is suitable for weighing frozen foods,such as frozen fishes,fruit,frozen dumplings etc;It has 100 programs capacity with no products auto pause function to improve weighing stability and accuracy;IP65 cabinet design with uniform design standards.                                                                                                                                                                                                                            

3.  Z Type Material Elevator UMEO-S37

Usually the feeding elevator should go with vibration hopper to increas feeding for multihead weigher,Most of the food grade plastic hopper is 1.8 litre,but if very large capacity package that needs 4.0litre. 


4. Supporting Platform UMEO-Z01

It is main function is to support the multihead weigher stable all the time and convenient person to check the weigher status.


5. Oblique Bucket Conveyor UMEO-S14

It can be changed into Z type material elevator too; the function is to collect the weigher and conveying the product to the vertical packer.


5. Finished Product Conveyor UMEO-S20

It is for finished pouch conveying to some places,such as a box,a container etc; sometimes,it can connect with turntable ,check weigher,metal detector etc.



UMEO always pays more attention to the machine every part to make sure every client get get the best quality packaging machinery to increase your package capacity.


Item No.


Bag Length


Bag Width


Film Width

420mm (Max.)

Packing Speed

35-55 bag /min

Gas Consumption

0.42m3/min (If Servo,it is less)

Air Pressure



220V AC 50HZ/60HZ,Single phase,6.5kw

Package Material

Aluminium film,OPP/CPP,OPP/PE,PET/PE,PE/PE etc

Total Cubic Meter


Gross Weight




Automatic height limit combination packaging machinery can pack for frozen foods,such as frozen fishs,frozen meat ball,fresh meat,dumplings etc.


Aluminium,Filter or Plastic Package is always wrokable by this machine and the following is the tested sachet by this mixed packing machine


UMEO always pay more attention for packing machine every part,including the shipping package,with reinforced non-fumigation plywood box.



The height limit combination packaging machinery is a celling limited package solution which with twice feeding to finish the complete line filling.so the time control for each part should be synchronous with sensor controller setting.

Q:  How to know if my product can be packed by this machine?

A:  You can provide product details,such as product feature, weight and bag size etc.


Q:  What's product of this packaging machinery can pack ?

A:   The packaging machinery can pack frozen foods,such as frozen meant,frozen dumplings,frozen fishes.


Q:   How to get an exact quotation?

A:   As per requested,we will suggest the best package solution,such as flat hopper or dimple hopper weigher;

because different product,some details will be different to make sure providing best package solution.


Q:  I know little about the packing machine,how to use it ? Is it complex?

A:  It is very easy to operate on touch screen which UMEO technician has tested everything well before shipment,

and you just need to install the machine as per our installation video,and connect power to start.


Q:  How about the packaging machine quality? Any certification it has?

A:  UMEO has a strict Quality Control system from design-raw material purchase-production-package-shipment by

almost all over 10-year experience people on machines; and all machines have been passed the most important

standard of MD and LVD by Italy ISET s.r.l.


Q:  What's the after-sales and warranty ?

A:  First: operation manual is always available and shipped with packing machine; Second: installation video can be

provided, even internet face-to-face assistance;Third: UMEO technician is always available for abroad service.

Warranty: all the machine has one year guarantee and if unfortunately some problem under correct using and manitain,

UMEO can provide the alternative parts by express; for quick-wear parts,always are provided more with machine shipping.




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